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Will The Circle Be Unbroken Jazz Circle Höngg 07.04.2022 mit Ruth Knaus

Update 24.06.2022

Bourbonstreet Jazzband 25.06.2022 Jazz Weekend Reinach BL , Bühne 3, 22:00-23:50


Mississippi Stompers 28.06.2022,  Konzert an der Kulturwoche Schönenwerd

Riverstreet Jazzband, 08.07.2022 Jazztage Lenk 20:30-23:00  https://www.jazztagelenk.ch/programm-2022

Red Hot Serenaders Orchestra, 29.07.2022, "Rive Jazzy" an der Seepromenade Nyon

Red Hot Serenaders Orchestra, 12.08.2022 ,Jazz and Dine, Schiff Vierwaldstättersee , Luzern

Riverstreet Jazzband, 14.08.2022 Jazz Matinée beim Gemeindesaal Buchs bei Aarau, 10:30-14:00

Bourbonstreet Jazzband, 19.08.2022 ,Jazz and Dine, Schiff Vierwaldstättersee , Luzern

Bourbonstreet Jazzband, 31.08.2022, JazzAtTheMill, Gasthof Bahnhof, Henggart, 20:00-23:30

Rössli Jazz, Donnerstag 15.09.2022, Restaurant Rössli, Rheinfelden , 20:00-22:00

Bourbonstreet Jazzband, Jazzkonzert, Ladengasse Ebikon, 20:00-22:30


Hello Alternate Tuning Friends:

I have been researching alternate tunings (Layouts) for over 20 years and have tried all possible variations theoretically. (Special scales and multi chords)
Among other things I have a harmonica made with Kniri 221 tuning (16 different chords and 10 different scales)



"KNIRI" TUNING   C, F, Dm   10.01.2022


A/D/F/A/C/D/F/A/C/Eb    blow  ,  chords- Dm7-F6-F7


C/E/G/Bb/C/E/G/Bb/D/F  draw ,  chords- C7/9-Gm7-Bb

  Eb,Gb        Eb,Gb  Db,E  bendings


scale: A, C,D,E,F,G,A,Bb,C, C,D,E,F,G,A,Bb,C, D,Eb,F

Demo Kniri Tuning


KNIRI 221 TUNING    B* = H deutsch,  Bb = B deutsch

G/B*/D/F/A/C/Eb/G/Bb/Db  blow , chords- G7, Dm7, F7, Cm7, Eb7    
1  2  3   4   5  6   7   8  9  10                     

A/C/E/G/Bb/D/F/Ab/C/Eb   draw , chords- Am7, C7, Gm7, Bb7, Fm7, Ab
Ab   Eb, Gb     Db, E     B*,D   bendings

Kniri 221 (cyclic scale in the circle of 4ths)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wp6xxHNpiE0 Demo in Cm

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnB2pLieLoQ  Demo in Eb


(Holes 6-10 blow and 5-10 draw =  Kniri 221 Tuning)


C/D/F/A/C/D/F/A/C/Eb    blow  ,  chords- Dm7-F6-F7


C/E/G/Bb/C/E/G/Bb/D/F  draw ,  chords- C7-Gm7-Bb

  Eb,Gb      Eb,Gb  Db,E  bendings


scale: C,C,D,E,F,G,A,Bb,C,C,D,E,F,G,A,Bb,C,D,Eb,F


I developed my "Kniri 221" Tuning and combined with a part of the "Richter" Tuning.

Folk and Country (F-major)

Jazz and Blues (C-major, A-minor)

Tunes in minor (D-minor and G-minor)


 Richter 2-5     Kniri 221

A/C/F/A/C/D/F/A/C/Eb        blow   (F-F6-Dm7-F7)


C/E/G/Bb/C/E/G/Bb/D/F     draw    (C-C7-Gm7-Bb)

B,Eb,Gb        Eb,Gb     Db,E      bendings



Richter-Tuning (Standard-Tuning) in F  to compare

F/A/C/F/A/C/F/A/C/F      blow   (F)

G/C/E/G/Bb/D/E/G/Bb/D  draw (C7-Gm)
Gb,B,Eb,Gb     Db                bendings


"Easy Blues" Tuning   19.11.2019 Kniri
2 Times Richter 2-5 + Kniri 221


 Richter    Richter   Kniri

A/C/F/A/A/C/F/A/C/Eb        blow   (F-F7)


C/E/G/Bb/C/E/G/Bb/D/F     draw    (C-C7-Gm7-Bb)

B,Eb,Gb     B, Eb,Gb     Db,E      bendings



"Simply Blues" Tuning   23.11.2019 Kniri

F/A/C/F/A/A/C/F/A/C        blow   (F)


G/C/E/G/Bb/C/E/G/Bb/D    draw    (C7-Gm)

Gb,B,Eb,Gb   B, Eb,Gb   Db      bendings




"3 Times Blues" 12 Hole Tuning  19.11.2019 Kniri
3 Times Richter 2-5 


 Richter    Richter    Richter

A/C/F/A/A/C/F/A/A/C/F/A         blow   (F)


C/E/G/Bb/C/E/G/Bb/C/E/G/Bb   draw    (C7)

B,Eb,Gb     B, Eb,Gb     B, Eb,Gb        bendings



"Richter-Kniri"12 Hole Tuning   19.11.2019 Kniri


  Richter         Kniri 221

F/A/C/F/A/C/D/F/A/C/Eb/G        blow   (F-F6-Dm7-F7-Cm)


G/C/E/G/Bb/C/E/G/Bb/D/F/Ab    draw    (C-C7-Gm7-Bb7)

Gb,B,Eb,Gb       Eb,Gb    Db,E         bendings



"Easy Blues" 12 Hole Tuning   19.11.2019 Kniri
2 Times Richter 2-5 + Kniri 221


 Richter    Richter     Kniri 221

F/A/C/F/A/A/C/F/A/C/Eb/G          blow   (F-F7, Cm)


G/C/E/G/Bb/C/E/G/Bb/D/F/Ab     draw    (C-C7-Gm7-Bb7)

Gb,B,Eb,Gb    B, Eb,Gb   Db,E         bendings


"3 Times Blues" Tuning  "Lucky 13"   26.11.2019 Kniri

  Richter    Richter    Richter

F/A/C/F/A/A/C/F/A/A/C/F/A         blow   (F)


G/C/E/G/Bb/C/E/G/Bb/C/E/G/Bb   draw    (C7)

Gb,B,Eb,Gb   B, Eb,Gb    B, Eb,Gb        bendings



"Extra Blues" Tuning    23.01.2022 Kniri

C/F/A/C/D/F/A/C/Eb/G        blow   (F-F6-Dm7-F7-Cm)


E/G/Bb/C/E/G/Bb/D/F/A       draw    (C7-Gm7-Bb-Dm)

Eb,Gb           Eb,Gb    Db,E, Ab        bendings